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Garage Door Accessories

With a full range of extras, a garage door installed by Dynamic Doors not only improves security to your property, but makes your life easier as well.

Our expert engineers install all garage doors to the highest standard. Our highly secure garage doors also come with a variety of extras that greatly improve the operation and security of the door ir shutter.

Seceuroglide Connect

SeceuroGlide Connect

SeceuroGlide Connect gives you the ability to control your garage door via your smart phone, allowing you to open and close it whenever you need. With a play and plug system you can set up the system effortlessly without the need for any specific applications, meaning no complex installation procedures.

Find yourself losing the controls for your garage door? With SeceuroGlide Connect, you’ll never have to worry again; control your door through your smart phone with ease. All you need is a Wi-Fi router and internet connection and you will be able to open your garage door at your convenience.

Seceuroglide Connect +

SeceuroGlide Connect+

With SeceuroGlide Connect+ you will be able to operate your garage door by calling or texting using your mobile phone. Add access for deliveries, tradesmen or employees by saving user’s numbers directly to the door, allowing access for certain people as many times as you decide.

Unsure whether you have closed the garage door? By texting, you will receive a message back telling you whether you remembered to close it or not. Your garage door will also be able to do its own diagnostics to make sure everything is working as it should.

Lighting & Alarm

Discreetly fitted as a down light, our SeceuroGlide lighting options give a natural glow to your outside space, allowing for easier access at night. You will be able to set the lights to turn on or off automatically depending on when you want to use your garage, or you can leave them on permanently to light up the front or side of your property.

Our alarm system adds an extra layer of security and when attached to your garage, it will sound if there is any force applied to the door.

Door Options & Accessories

We have a range of door options and accessories to make your commercial or industrial property even safer, as well as easier to access:

Vented Slats for Good Air Circulation (SeceuroGlide Classic only)
Remote Control Keypad for additional security (SeceuroGlide Classic and Compact only)
Powder Coating End Plates to ensure your door is fully matched
Low Level External Override Kit to allow you to open your door manually in emergencies (SeceuroGlide Classic and Compact only)
Full Box to completely conceal the roll