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Cost Effective Static & Retractable Bollards

Static and Retractable Bollards for Commercial Car ParkLike the automatic counterparts, our static and retractable bollards boast incredible strength and keep areas secure from unauthorised vehicle access.

Unlike the automatic rising bollards, these systems are installed either to stay in place or require manual operation to be lowered or pulled up. This gives you complete control over when people can access the premises and control the areas that vehicles have access to without restricting pedestrian access.

The J275 SA Semi-Automatic Retractable Traffic Bollard is fully mechanical and raising and lowering meaning it does not need an electrical connection and the J275 F Fixed Traffic Bollard requires no invasive installation work or electrical wiring, so it is perfect for permanent installations. The J200 SA Semi-Automatic Traffic Bollard does not need to be wired to regulate access to areas occasionally open to traffic and the J200 F Traffic Bollard is completely installed with all other retractable models for access control. The J335 M30-P1 Fixed Traffic Bollard is perfect for the perimeter protection of sensitive areas, as is the J355 M50 Fixed Traffic Bollard, but allows for complete aesthetic coherence with automatic models.

Find out what best suits your property today by giving us a call on 01795 432600 and speak to our specialist team of engineers. They will go through your requirements and arrange a FREE site survey and arrange a no obligation quotation.

Variety of Designs and Styles

Installed as either static or retractable, our bollards offer different designs and styles to fit with the look and feel of your property. We tailor the installation around you and during our site survey, we will even offer advice on what systems best would suit your property. If you require quick vehicle access at certain times, but don’t want to have to do this manually, have a look at our automatic rising bollards.

Depending on your requirements, a static bollard might serve you better than a retractable one. A static bollard stays in place and is extremely strong; stopping any large vehicles wishing to travel through the restricted area. The retractable options enable you to allow vehicles to enter an area when you want them to without sacrificing the durability of a static bollard.

Static and Retractable Bollard BrochuresOur Brochures

Learn more about how our static and retractable bollards can keep areas of your business secure from unauthorised access by visiting our Brochures page.

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Retractable and Static Bollards Installing & Repairing Bollards Across the Home Counties

We provide professional installation services of static and retractable bollards for commercial, industrial and private properties throughout the Home Counties. These systems are made to last and withstand heavy usage, but overtime they can get damaged or need repairs. Our engineers respond quickly to your requirements and get your bollards back up in working order or arrange necessary replacements if needed.

Working across the South East, we reach clients throughout Kent, Essex, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, London, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire. We have recently even worked more locally in areas including Reading, Gillingham, Dartford, Hemel Hempstead, Rochester, Canterbury, Maidstone, Southend, Brighton, Croydon, Harrow, Bromley, Milton Keynes, Medway, Enfield, Southampton, Tonbridge, Twickenham, Sutton, Oxford, Watford, Ilford and Portsmouth.